the president would like to recognize the great job you're doing

--via Horklog who gave me today's enjoyable title.

I've been enjoying using forms of "to enjoy" as of late... I think somehow inspired by the use of the word embedded in this 2000 article:
Enjoyably, Critser describes fast food restaurants as the bathhouses of the childhood obesity epidemic, "the places where the high-risk population indulges in high-risk behavior."
I think enjoyment is an art that needs to be nurtured more.
Pick up a reggae album at random. Any reggae album. Listen to it and you will find a far more accurate, reliable and theologically sound exegesis of the meaning of Babylon than you will ever get from Tim LaHaye or any other so-called "prophecy expert."
That site is so great, sometimes I wonder if my own spirituality would be different if his kind of left-leaning, activist voice - calling out literalist and fundamentalist extremists on a number of very valid points - had a stronger say in the pop-culture.
At Foxwoods won $200 by being willing to lose $1000 (1/5 chance of losing)... at the table I played the role of the nebbish high roller.