bee-peat -or- the bee's knees


--I know it's a repeat, and I know the focus wasn't perfect, but I wanted to give a better sense of this zoom effect... and even this is 50% shrunk.

Here is the full image in its 8 Megapixel glory.

Rushhour Construction on Route 9 Westbound - because one lane should be enough for anyone.
A Java project with javadoc painted as "Documentation" and not just "reference" is hopeless. JAVADOC HAS NO PEDAGOGICAL STRUCTURE PEOPLE!
Looking forward to the Star Trek film tonight, got some great press, but just to be a dork I am wearing a Chewbacca "Chewie" retro T. -minor movie spoiler, but a retrospective on when 'Trek had a really thoughtful study in the use of torture