neigh, i say thee, neigh!


--A nice counter to all the damn "rape-the-80s-childhoods" movies coming out. The GI Joe trailer really makes me wonder-- the joy of GI Joe in in the 80s was that it was like the Village People came to town to chew bubblegum and kick ass... making them all a bunch of Robocop-looking Master Chief wannabes seems short-sighted.

And of course, the Trek movie that followed was pretty grand, though with enough Fridge Logic issues that it's really better to enjoy the Space Opera aspect and not think about stuff too much

At the corner pub with my Uncle, he just bought a beer for this workman guy from Bavaria who does the big glass pieces at the various Apple flagship stores... he's proud of the big cube on 5th Avenue in NYC, but even more so the giant 42-foot single panes at the one in Sydney...