play that funky music white toy

Another Etcha-a-Sketch Animator miniproject... I'm not sure if I ever tried to use it as a Poor Man's Music Sequencer before.

Random other Etch-A-Sketch Animator links, my use of it as a Poor Man's Web Cam (virtual version), the fun animations that came in the instructions with it back in the day, and a commercial that shows just how rad it was.

And make no mistake - it was pretty rad. 12 frames of 40x30 pixels (oddly, the exact same size I had chosen for small gif cinema) and the ability to string them together in any order, up to 96 steps, its neat screechy (but not generally grating) sounds, and an interface that was easy enough to learn, but lacked any editing tools beyond "copy and paste this whole frame", so if a kid really wanted to make something cool, they really had to think it out a bit...
One of the worst bits about tinyurl'ing in twitter is when you open a series of links in tabs and have lost which page came from where...
USA might stay dominant because of...English? - USA might stay dominant because of...English? Like England did?
Moslems dig on green, in part it's in the middle of the spectrum. I dig that logic of moderation, and like green, though I can't decide if my "favorite" is green or blue.
bankruptcy as shipwreck - bankruptcy as shipwreck infographic