can't touch this... BUT YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO

June 11, 2009

--Man. "U Cant Touch This" Flash Mob. That would have been an experience. Thank goodness for youtube, who else would believe the people who were there? (via Mr.Ibis)
I weaponized your mom.

90s Saturday morning cartoon anti-drug crossover. I want to see a Smash Bros. clone based on this.
Some stuff I find sexy now was stuff I found sexy as a teen. Do teen years SET preferences, or are they just the first reflections of innate 'likes'? Probably some of both. (This was partially inspired by stumbling on Craig Thompson's excellent graphic novel Blankets, about young love in an Evangelical Christian environment.)
GEEKRANT. debugging JSF bean-driven crap -- *gah!* -- THE JSP IS RUNNING THE ASYLUM. This is no way to live. Or to pretend to be MVC.
It's spooky when you're debugging someone else's code and find a suspiciously helpful debug statement - here be dragons...