can you jump it?

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--Meant to post this Saturday, the date of the last Klik of the Month Klub. This is a "Let's Play" video from one of the best games of the previous KotMK. (Let's Play videos are where someone narrates their experience finding out about a new game... usually not so over the top as this one. They are good ways of finding out about new games without the stress of finding and downloading and getting into them yourself, kind of like less judgmental game reviews.)

The voice is a bit goofy but that is mostly just mirroring the amazing old-time goofiness of the original game.
Volvo in front of me on way to work with round white pseudo-EU stickers...
"I <3 WTM" and "<3 MV". Yay incomprehensible but supportive messaging, I guess!
I'm not sure if I'd ever order "mint flavored coffee", but drinking iced coffee around Orbit "Mint Mojito" gum is surprisingly tasty.
Starting a sentence in the subject and completing in the message body is a bit wrong headed, some readers break the flow of how it was typed.
Smugness in getting a 5 pack of GE low-watt bulbs is mitigated by them being a box of 5- with each in its own box- each inside another box.