anatomy of a freakout


...but I find myself yearning for a small room dance party now. - Vanity Fair on Sarah Palin (just before she resigned) - evenhanded, I think. (via Josh)
Just swapped my twitter names so that "kirkjerk" is my main account, and "khftcea" I'm keeping around for grins. Kirk's Home for the Chronically Easily Amused is a name that goes back to 1997 on my Palmpilot, but isn't easy to type, or for people to recognize.
Penny Arcade predicts the future of profanity: "Ham Doctor", "Voltron Nightgown", "Strawberry Smurf", "Cherry Split", "Caramel Pollock", "Greasy Pumpkin", "Tangy Slipper", "'The Prestige'"