give us running water that we may hydrate

August 17, 2009

--"Alive in Joburg", the original "District 9" short... according to this Slate piece, a bit better than the movie it inspired, and having seen the film I sort of agree. I guess it was less "40 Year Old Virgin" than "The Office", which meets "The Fly", with touches of Blackhawk Down, Robocoop, and/or Predator, but the plot holes were about as big as the ship hanging over Johannesburg. Not a terrible movie, though, just disappointing given the rich material they gave themselves to work with.
"I know Les Paul was really old. But I am still convinced he died because you can hear Justin Timberlake on 104.1 in Boston now."

for amber: an aquatic ape fairy
(a mishear at Park Street Station)