photos of the moment

The backyard of Amber's new digs is verdant:

I'm having to admit I have a hard time resisting making images of bugs and slimy things and creatures in general:

We went to see one of the last days of the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA. Outside the main exhibit they had a nice stretch of white wall for me to use as a backdrop for pictures of Amber.

And, I am a dork.

The view opposite the white wall wasn't so bad either:

The following weekend we went to visit EB and his brood up in Rockport. You know, I didn't even quite realize that gulls HAD tongues before this:

And EBB1 is as charming as always

But her new sister is no stranger to being hypercute herself:

3 Cheers for Cheap Digital Cameras! - HORRIFYING PSA against driving+texting. Even more than the impact footage, the cool professionalism of the emergency workers freaks me out.;pop totally awful and lovely: probability theory in marriage strategy optimization
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