all you sucka djs who think you're fly

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August 27, 2009

I can't even tell you how much I love Germans doing American Cowboy.

"Usborne Guide to Computer and Video Games" (in weird .cbr format- need reader, or just rename to .rar and use WinRAR) I was just thinking about this book the other day! I remember how crazy impossible the pg.40 hand-held dirtbike game seemed ("video games just don't look like that, how could you play that") but now I guess the tech is prett much there... (via )
Man, Ted Kennedy's funeral service will be happening like a block from my house. A huge loss, locally and nationally.
Random query from yesterday: cinnamon. Why does it seem so different in its gum and bagel forms?
There's a definite grace and pleasure in that initial "So what have you been up to?" exchange of Facebook messages with estranged friends.
Just got carded at TGIFriday's w/ the folks. Must be 'cause I shaved the sideburns...