lego dreams

August 28, 2009

--Dual tribute to Legos and the Commodore 64 computer - basically the things that made my childhood awesome

After night of reading book on George Washington odd dreams about his valet William Lee. (Also: I learned that small pox was big deal in war, and helping the army cope with it was one of Washington's big successes.) - NSFW Flash-based (in more ways than one) art, a study in women clothed and unclothed. (Though the clothing is oddly mid-90s-feeling.) Turns out it's mostly based on the works of Akira Gomi.
List of Fictional Curse Words - still bummed this got deleted from Wikipedia in such ignominious haste. - Reading Rainbow killed by Bush's Hooked on Phonics. Wait, RR was still on?
Just drove by the Kennedy funeral preperations.... lots of faux-campaign "Kennedy. Thanks." posters up in the area.