corporate shilling for fun and no profit

September 2, 2009
--Weirdly captivating Japanese commercial for Sony's PS3. (via Offworld, which has some of the precursors to this ad)
Come to think of it I guess it reminds me more of this older Nike spot:

[on analyizing H1N1 in terms of bits of information] So it takes about 25 kilobits — 3.2 kbytes — of data to code for a virus that has a non-trivial chance of killing a human. This is more efficient than a computer virus, such as MyDoom, which rings in at around 22 kbytes.

It’s humbling that I could be killed by 3.2kbytes of genetic data. Then again, with 850 Mbytes of data in my genome, there’s bound to be an exploit or two.
Last month the manager at my consulting company said "yeah-we found QA was too much of a loss leader so we don't do it"-Maybe I shoulda run
"The rattlesnake approves of himself without reservations."
—Wislawa Szymborska, from "In Praise of Self-Deprecation"