photos from the grove and back again

September 3, 2009
Ocean Grove, New Jersey is a beautiful beach town. Our neighbors there really take the flowers thing seriously:

Thee heart of the town may well be the Great Auditorium, shown here behind a statue of clergyman Elwood Stokes.

Mostly I included that to set the scene for this view of Stokes:

(It reminds me a bit of that one statue of a woman in Kanazawa, Japan I took, but a lot less naked.)

The ruined casino in Asbury Park has this interesting tentacle flapper mural:

Back in the Grove, the had a very odd "Christmas in August" pageant. We missed most of it but it's a bit surreal hearing "Joy to the World" floating over the beach at night.:

Finally, back in Boston, it's JZ and Rhodesian Ridgeback pup Brody...

"My first crush on an Irish girl...I was ten years old, and her name was Elaine. Little red-haired girl; Well, she looked like you, But if you were ten, Which you're clearly not. Not that you look old, but you get my-- I'll just stop now."
--Jason Robert Brown "I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You" - analysis of "Black Bart Simpson" T-shirts and related merch. If in a hurry just check out
"Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known."
--Garrison Keillor (via)
"Sometimes I really miss enforced naptime. Work is never like kindergarten in the good ways."
-- - I remember reading "The Relaxation Response" a long while ago at the recommendation of a college infirmary doctor. I was impressed that it seemed more concerned with helping people in a secular way than selling either a belief system or books. It somehow seems contradictory to say "I really should add a daily Todo app entry of 'medidate'" but I think I really should.
Finishing up a biography of Washington. His last act was to feel his own final pulse. As a society I think we've forgotten what a hero he was.
He then led his guests to the piazza facing the Potomac, where he paced back and forth and liked to talk about farming (plow designs, the dreaded Hessian fly, crop rotation schemes). He often enjoyed an after-dinner glass of Madeira, which he held casually with his arm draped over a chair while listening impassively to any political talk that he preferred to avoid. Awkward silences did not disturb him.
--Joseph J. Ellis, "His Excellency, George Washington"
Are you ever tempted to look at the human form as something alien? Regard a face upsidedown, mouth moving in the forehead... or the odd columns of arms and legs.