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September 15, 2009

In June of 2001 I started posting a series of photos of T-shirts I had gotten rid of. I apolgetically explained doing that back then. And I'm doing it again-- Amber helped me weed out my wardrobe, getting rid of about half of it, at least shirt-wise.

Here are the shirts I thought I might sort of miss, arranged roughly in descending order of coolness. Most of these shirts are technically irreplaceable, but that's the way the entropy bounces.

One of my all time favorites:
Barbara Kruger's "Don't Be A Jerk".
(Good advice!)

Not actully going away,
but moving out of "too cool to wear regularly",
Where the Wild Things Are, circa 1995

From the Met, liked the architecuralness of it.

Another "too cool to wear",
I'm not sure if the Tufts Band Lemmings
will gather again but we had shirts!

Another formerly "too cool to wear",
the logo I designed for Tufts Connect

A favorite my mom got me from a cool part of Dallas
(never been myself)

From Salem. A bit alcolholic
but I liked it., worn out.

Not as cool as either of the Blue Man shirts
I had before. Blue neck and armbands.


Japanese shirt, never fit too well.

From Old Navy before I was even aware of Old Navy
as much of a brand.

Self-portrait of Albrecht Durer?

A gift from Ksenia,
cool but too snug.

Scion giveaway.

Gift from Ksenia...sweet but too hipster.

Play on Da Vinci.

From the firehouse near the Pru.

Also too hipster.

Ubiquitous "Life is Good"

Ancient Ocean Pacific Tank Top. Ah, OP.

And then things that weren't shirts at all:

Not a shirt but a jacket,
80s salt and pepper thing that I had for jazzband
Kept in case I want to go as my old self
for halloween.

Finally, Christmas socks where the toe had worn away.

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