hi guys i heard there's this new version of windows

October 23, 2009

New version of Windows, baby!

PS That may be the worst recipe storage idea I've heard. Plus I'm not sure there's actually that "turn your voice into a robot" thing.
"Breathe Deep and Let Go of Things"
"I LIKE being stupid. You see things clearly. Being stupid is like squinting through the sunlight."
--Ford Prefect, "And Another Thing" (H2G2 sequel by Eoin Colfer). I'm digging audiobooks, and maybe will add Podcasts into the mix. I look forward to driving commutes, second best thing to actually having time to read. Heh, yet another reason for me to adore the iPhone and modern technology in general.
I'm telling myself I have mad geek cred after reading today's xkcd and thinking "well, the introduction of boba fett cartoon was kinda cool"
http://www.intel.com/consumer/learn/netbook.htm - heh, Intel doesn't sound like they like netbooks all that much...