On Sunday Sarah repeated her fine tradition of an afternoon of social pumpkin carving. (Photos from last year here)

http://www.slate.com/id/2232669/ - the pride and shame of coupon jujitsu
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Remove the rivets, the battle-cruisers disintegrate, and the water is calm once more.
Henri Michaux

Ever get that feeling like you've purposefully put something stressful out of your mind? But you force yourself to remember what it was-- like just in case it was important, and then it ends up being, yeah, something dumb and you shouldn't worry about it anyway. This is what happens when you have an associations-based memory and trace things back by the emotions they caused.
Don't make me come over there; because, you know, I will. Maybe not right this second, but eventually. Sometime really quite soon. Much sooner than you think though not exactly right now. You know, I've got things to do and stuff. But... I will
Dwayne Plain via cmg

I love how DBAs reflexively use powers-of-2 to size their table columns. Usually it doesn't matter - it's just voodoo / cargo cult thinking-