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October 25, 2008

A while back men were walking around the roof of the building next door. I don't know why I find them so interesting to look at... I guess just because they're so out of place.

Last weekend 24 Hour Comics Day, Kate and Miller, hard at work...

I made a commemorative small gif cinema of me doing my happy dance...


Last night I drove up to Amesbury. I need to stop driving and photographing, but it was so pretty.

Sarah was hosting a jack-o-lattern making party! Here she is taking a photo of the results...

My first pumpkin was a slightly artsy experiment, not sure if it quite works... It's Jake from Young Astronauts in Love...a Jake-O-Latern!

Finished with amore traditional one...

So thanks Miller and Sarah!

btw, what's up with this whole bloomberg/city council thing? "hey guys, what do you say we let ourselves run for a 3rd term?" "OK!"
I feel a Jack-O-Lantern should use a pumpkin AS a head... when it is used as a general carving canvas, some kind of magic is lost.