eleven questions

A job or two ago I did some consulting at the same company as Sam Kent. (He introduced me to the joy of running one of those "Blue Screen of Death" screensavers, and the momentary start it gives to the unwary-- "FUNNY EVERY TIME" he assured me and I kind of believe it!)

I used to follow his LiveJournal, but just now found out that he's kind of shifted hears, blog-wise, and now set himself to answer Eleven Questions A Day:
  1. What was my weight/body fat percentage when I woke up?
  2. What physical activity did I get?
  3. How much credit card debt did I have when I woke up?
  4. What did I do to relax?
  5. When did I lose my temper?
  6. How did I make someone else happy?
  7. What mental activity did I get?
  8. What did I do that was creative?
  9. What did I do to get closer to God?
  10. What am I supposed to do before tomorrow?
  11. What was my favorite moment?
The blog's inaugural post explains the choice of questions, and what he hopes to get by posting those somewhat private things online.

I support this kind of ritualized blogging, and respect his goal-driven and self-improvement-oriented stance. He welcomes readers and commenters as likely to goad his sense of accountability.

Fun with Windows: 1.Go to coworker's machine. 2.Press ctrl-alt-downarrow 3.giggle uncontrollably (didn't know this 'til I did it on myself!)
"It only looks big 'cause it's way up there..."
"That's what SHE said!"
"...that wasn't a very good one."
"...that-- is also what she said."
Amber + Me looking at "kitty condos"

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Listening to non-Fiction Audiobooks forms a kind of meditation, having to stay focused and not let your mind wander...
The very word jaywalk is an interesting--and not historically neutral--one. Originally an insult against bumptious "jays" from the country who ineptly gamboled on city sidewalks, it was taken up by a coalition of pro-automobile interests in the 1920s, notes historian Peter D. Norton in his book Fighting Traffic.
Heh, "bumptious".
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