--Workplace poster. You know, I can understand how that kind of hair touching has sexual overtones and is totally inappropriate for work, especially from someone in a position of authority, but dang, why does she have to take off her glasses all sexy like like that?

I kid, I kid. Still, it's an odd tableau.
support for gay marriage by age and state - the kids are alright. More alright than the old folks, anyway
With all the Windows updates I get the alloyed joy of watching various browser screens refresh-- slowly, top to bottom, like w/ an old modem
NY Times Infotoy on Employment broken down by demographic. Guess I'm demographically blessed... (Guess I knew that)
http://rot13.com is down. No awesoma powa for me :-(
This toy is designed to hasten the child's adjustment to the world around him. No matter how carefully he puts it together, it won't work.
The New Yorker

"But are you having fun?"
"No, Fun isn't the word- it's good to do- it's retrospective fun I'm having. In six months time I'm having fun"
from behind the scenes of "Across the Universe" - great flick, kind of like Baz Luhrmann meets the Beatles. Heh, retrospective fun-