jump baby jump

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Osamu Tezuka's "Jumping"....
According to the Youtube:
by Dr.Osamu Tezuka November 3 1928- February 9 1989 He was a Mangaka, Japanese manga artist and animator. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. He is often credited as the Father of Anime, and the Walt Disney of Japan.
via AUMGN a new personal blog about game design.

I totally endorse alarm clocks with "gradual wake" that start beeping very softly then slowly crank it up. Emerson Research has good ones.
But, like other modern atheists and agnostics before him, Harris goes on to declare that faith is the root of all evil. A belief might seem innocent enough, but once you have blindly accepted the dogma that Jesus can be eaten in the form of a cracker, you have made a space in your mind for other monstrous fictions: that God desires the destruction of Israel, the ethnic cleansing of Palestineans, or the 9/11 massacres. Everybody must stop believing in anything that cannot be verified by the emperical methods of science.
Karen Armstrong, "The Case for God".
I'm nearing the end of her audiobook; finally she's getting to what I think is the target of her long and deep survey of the religious outlook, and it seems to be a strong endorsement of Postmodern Relativism. I think she's right to say that the New Atheism is a form of Fundamentalism, but I think in saying "look, there are alternatives to assuming that science and religion talk about the same sort of stuff" (namely recognizing the difference between Mythos and Logos, NOMA, Non-Overlapping Magisteria as she cites Stephen Jay Gould putting it) and explaining that split has existed for a long, long time, she is ignoring religion as it is practiced by the vast majority of people today. It's always dangerous to make presumptions about the spiritual journeys of others but it feels to me that a lot of people feel their faith instead of think about it, which is ok-- but I think few of them engage deeply enough to challenge a very literal reading of their scriptures. This does leave them vulnerable to accepting a variety of ideas of varying degrees of truth and dangerousness.
I bought a 24 pack of Whole Foods' Lime Italian Mineral Water for $8 yesterday... it's ok stuff, but "Serve ice cold for a deliciously refreshing thirst quencher and we promise you'll never drink plain water again"??? -- LIARS!