--Man, I love the excitement you hear from the crowd!

This morning, singing to Amber, I was surprised to realize just how much of the "Diff'rent Strokes" theme song I recall- pretty much all of it.
Amber sent me this link, which seemed like a diagrammatic version of
And I am reminded of the great Sultan who asked his Sufi master to provide him with a special gift. He desired a gift that would make him content when he faced despair, and humble when overflowing with joy. The master came to him and brought a simple silver ring. 'What is this?' the Sultan cried. 'How can a mere ring perform such a feat as I require?' The master replied, 'Sire, read the inscription engraved thereon. And remember it for it will bring contentment out of despair, and humility our of unrestrained rapture.' The Sultan read the words: 'This too must pass'. And I too am travelling with hope and humility. However my journey ends I know: This too must pass.
That's the conclusion of this webpage, and the contentment/humility is a better way of stating the goal than the King Solomon version "If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy", because unhappiness for its own sake seems perverse.
My coworker has this "Dream Aquarium" screen saver for Windows running on a spare laptop - I'd like something similar for iPhone, but the apps all seem to lack the soothing mellowness of real fish-- (gazing at a big ol' aquarium was a serious de-stressing therapy my former boss, a pharmacist, used when his mom died.)
Kate found -similar idea to my which I'd like to put on hacked GBAs...