January 12, 2010

I wonder how many unconscious, or semi-conscious, thoughts might have be conscious, or semi-conscious, but forgotten...
Looking at a few little bookmark DBs I've started and generally abandoned over the years. It's hard not to be a packrat with this stuff - it's not like it takes up physical room - just mental space - and I hate the idea of "missing something" cool. It's hard to accept how much of the world I won't be able to bear witness to, give it the attention it deserves -- to accept that my life is complete as-is, that the "number of interesting things seen" is more of a quantitative than qualitative thing at this point.
All energy is borrowed, and someday you have to give it back.
I quoted that before, but man, it's a terrific thought.
I was browsing laptops yesterday, thinking maybe one with a big screen might be an actual desktop replacement for me. It's funny though, they give the diagonal measurement, but you get less surface area if it's "widescreen" - I've always thought Megapixels were a poor way of judging the quality of a camera, but they're more honest than the '17 inch!" measurement of widescreen laptops and monitors.
Can you be energized by fear, rather than ducking it? Like the mad scientist/adventurer standing up to the alien light "Ain't it great? I'm petrified!" Maybe that's a more useful thing that being blasé about it all...
How many songs do you have in iTunes? How many do you actually carry? ~7500, ~1800 for me. (Not meant to be a contest, just wondering)