this can't be happening!!


To quote The Comic Curmudgeon:
I suppose that longtime readers of Blondie are supposed to know that spinning around on one’s head is an indicator of extreme, uncontrollable emotion of some kind, but to the casual viewer, it would just appear that Dagwood, Herb, and Daisy have chosen to express their football-related outrage with a stunning display of eerily synchronized breakdancing. Which I for one am totally in favor of.
It's kind of creepy if read it as a poltergeist kind of thing.
Dream vocabulary: Igknifify: to resolve a situation by plunging a knife into something or someone.
Escalators are mighty conveyor belts- that's a lot of cargo to haul up a flight! - bad ass movie lines. The my favorite is my personal variant, "I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of ass."
A. i didn't know Taser was named after Tom Swift. B. I like how the "how Tasers work" section of Wikipedia is mess of [Citation Needed ]