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--Kjersten sent along this - pretty amazing, I've never seen such a good use of projected image and projected-upon surface...(you should probably go to the youtube page and see it at a larger size...)

Don't know much about New Zealand's web conference Webstock but somehow this reminds me of the old Mondo 2000 cyberpunk 'zine days of the early 90s, before the web really hit, but smart drugs and computers seemed to hold boundless potential...
I always liked this bit from Buckaroo Banzai: "The principles by which B. Banzai lives are known as the Five Stresses, the Four Beauties and the Three Loves. Things to be stresses are decorum, courtesy, public health, discipline and morals. The Four Beauties are the beauties of mind, language, behavior and environment. The Three Loves are love of others, love of justice and love of freedom." But I just realized it was cribbed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_Jiang_4_Mei_3_Reai
I wonder why Apple doesn't just put in some kind of Adult Content rating/advisory system, rather than yanking apps. Given how much control they have, it should be pretty easy to "think of the children" - do they think boobies would hurt the brand more than the money they could get?