plastic wasteland


--Making the rounds, this massive Lego steampunk-wasteland crawler is nothing but awesome.
If we water down the health care bill any more, it'll be homopathic.

It's weird that people often confuse those two pursuits. People who are into very theoretical computer science are thought of in this same way as people who are shipping desktop applications. And they don't really have a lot to do with each other.
jwz, in "Coders at Work"

What I learned today: unless you're at the equator, walking, say, due east is NOT walking in a straight line. (Walking east is staying at the same latitude, right? Now imagine doing that a few meters from the north pole. You'd obviously be walking in circles... at our latitude it's just a bigger circle.)
When and why did "wide mouth" become the standard for soda cans? Worry we weren't tossing the liquid into our gullets fast enough?