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--to quote RStevens, "Gotta love living on the East Coast sometimes. Otherwise, it's time to tie a noose." I'm just amazed how Boston might (MIGHT) dodge yet another big snow. I'm fortunate in doing much of this kind of connection making intuitively - hides how smart I'm not.
Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody.
Benjamin Franklin

I definitely go into avoidance behaviors when starting things. Starting is the hardest part, whether it's a program or a book or anything else. On the other hand, sometimes you remind yourself, 'Come on Josh; you've been doing this for three decades now, you know how to do it as well as most other people, so just go for it.' And you just sort of have to remind yourself that, 'Look, pretty much every other time you've tried to do this the results have been good, so they're probably going to be good this time too.
Joshua Block, Google's Chief Java Architect and author of 'Effective Java'.
Man, if HE can feel that way, maybe I shouldn't feel so bad when I do as well.
3 Dollars, 384 Quarters, 257 Dimes, 138 Nickels, 423 Pennies = $135.83 of Amazon goodness, from a not very big change jar.
Reading "Coders at Work" reminds me of how much I don't know in programming land. Need to get on that. - though if I start feeling too bad about myself, I kind of console myself my how many people I've interviewed who Just Can't Code. Or, at least not during an interview! That link has a link to a neat tool to have a virtual shared textarea so you can run a coding exercise during a phone screen...
DD's Triple Chocolate Donut (cake,frosting,chips) is unambitious- should get cream filling w/ chocolate wafers for slamdunk quintuple...