cleveland wrapup

April 11, 2010
Tremont is another cool neighborhood around Cleveland... random art, one of a series it seems...

We went to Michael "Iron Chef" Symons' restaurant Lolita-- I liked the ceiling and light fixtures--

We also hit the Cleveland Museum of Art - and things were just starting to blossom in the area.

They have some mighty cool armor at that place.
My mom reminds me how I they'd push me in my stroller around there and I'd babel at the paintings to the point the guards were getting suspicious.

Finally, we went bowling with my good high school friend Mike and his daughter.

Here is a good bowling shot of my butt.

Amber watching her shot.

Mike giving some instruction-

And rolling' himself.

Two minor Cleveland Landmarks in one shot: Lolly the Trolly and the Church of the Holy Oil Can.

We drove through East Cleveland. This is a combination Pest Control and Christian Book Store. Bibles and Roach Spray!

Finally, something I'd never seen before: stop signs with air holes.

Sad how Outlook 2010 is trying so hard with discussion threading, and failing. A search should show you results, not hide stuff in threads!
New in iPhone OS 4: The Full App-by-App Breakdown - not much interests me except for folder for playlists and the homescreen, and FINALLY maybe the option to have an SMS character count. Still no sign of a "Ctrl-F"-style search in page feature for Safari. - interesting NY Times bit on 3rd world use of the "humble" cellphone.