bad, bad, charlie brown, baddest man in this whole damn town

--From these two discarded audition pieces for MAD asking what if Garfield and Peanuts took a Calvin + Hobbes approach to their subject matter? Great stuff! - good negative review of the iPad. For me, it's just a doodle pad
Little programs are delightful to write in isolation, but the process of maintaining large-scale software is always miserable.
Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier in "You Are Not a Gadget" presents the idea of the "circle of empathy" (similar to Peter Singer's.) Basically, things inside the circle are similar enough to you that you want to see them protected, outside you don't care so much. He then states
The liberal impulse is to expand the circle, while conservatives tend to want to restrain or even contract the circle.
Man! That's a good summary of why I always identify with liberals, even when some aspects of policy seem a bit misguided. - Agatha Christie's beautifully "deranged", non-linear notebooks - a Windows tool for checking out your perl-ish regular expressions... intriguing...