making the fung wah look pretty decent


--via, who were talking about how now bus drivers in Longxiang have a bowl of water by their side that they are expected to keep unspilled through their day. Factlets seems to be a good interesting-tidbit-a-day, I follow their twitter feed
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

On the "stickiness" of Apple. I'm kind of glad I've shunned iTunes for music, sticking with Amazon MP3s... after being on the "new iPhone!" hype wagon for a while, now with "FroYo" coming out, I'm thinking my next phone should be from whatever carrier will let le me "tether" and use the phone as a portable wifi hotspot-- that way my iPad would be online too. - I'm kind of stunned that there's enough sponsorship to allow "pro gaming" to exist.
Problems with contacting LinkedIn former colleagues due to Non-Compete Agreement...article begs the question of whether the contract was enforceable or possible a "unlawful restraint on trade"...