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June 2, 2010

--via xoxoxobruce... (who found it here) you know you don't see many sousaphones with the bell pointing up, though I'm not sure why not.
New AT+T Pricing Plans - mixed feelings about this. Looks like I use ~300Mb/mo now. Want tethering, dread having to think about usage -- unlimited data was a HUGE enabling factor when I first started using the iPhone.
A civilian goes to Mars. When he returns to Earth, he's being interviewed on his impressions of Mars. The interviewer asks if the people on Mars are more advanced than people on Earth. The civilian says they are, and the interviewer asks by how much.

"I would say six, seven weeks," the civilian replies. "When I was up there, they had the disposable razor blades and it was like six or seven weeks after I returned to Earth before we had them."
Bob Newhart, from his memoir "I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!"... he says "that was [a routine] that died, but I still love it."

4 day weeks feel so disjointed- Tuesday feels like Monday so then you overcompensate and Wednesday feels like Thursday.
There once was a man
from Nantucket who could not
fit well in haikus

I concluded the worst thing that could happen is if we change our core values and let it slide. I can't do that. I'd rather quit.
Steve Jobs on not letting those meddling Gizmodo folks get away with it! OH NO STEVE! DON'T QUIT! PLEASE KEEP MAKING COOL iStuff AND DON'T LET THESE GIZMODO TURKEYS GET YOU DOWN!!!!

Code Monkey say god damned login page not "functional" or "elegant"