the angriest animals on the internet

June 14, 2010
A long while back I got my team at work to continue a tradition of animal-based names, but with "Team Angry Manatee" (I had to use the projector and whiteboard and marker in cannons and lasers to show them just how fearsome an angry manatee could be.) FWIW this site is now the second biggest hit for "Angry Manatee", and it got me wondering... what's the angriest animal on the Internet? I.e. Which animal name gets the most Google hits, proportionally speaking, when you search on "animal name" rather than just "animal"?

The results were a bit surprising... out of the 150 or so names I got off a mildly adulterated Wikipedia List of Animal Names, "Angry Manatee"'s percentage was a lowly .013%, putting it about 2/3 of the way down the list.

So for your edification, I present:

Click to see the raw data!
For the record, the least angry animal was the lyrebird. The Internet had no hits for "angry lyrebird" - at least not until this page gets found by Google. - USA "51+ Star Flag" toy shows likely patterns for most state counts from 1-100. Patriotic and geeky!
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With Netflix on Wii upstairs, in HD on Xbox on the basement projector, on laptop or in bed w/ iPad, we can watch Season 2 Office anywheres! (Or once they have the app for iPhone anyway) - sorry, but this Star Trek TNG comic made me laugh and laugh... 2019 UPDATE at least I think it was this Pictures for Sad Children:

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