duck n cover

July 16, 2010

--The 2053 nuclear tests conducted
Ah, that old math spiritual, "Just a Random Walk with Thee"

The only obligation to which in advance we may hold a novel, without incurring the accusation of being arbitrary, is that it be interesting.
Henry James - Study like a scholar, scholar! This Old Spice is pretty great. - cool, India invented a new currency symbol for the Rupee (scroll near bottom)
Heh, May 29 I missed noting the 10th Anniversary of my "Mundane" (i.e. personal, boring) daily journal - set to make sure that each day left at least a digital footprint... - awesome "throbber busy animation" generator, pick the template and the color...
The view outside my job's warroom area is kind of mezmorizing!

I've lost all my marbles except one & It's fun to test angular & centripetal acceleration in my skull
jbezorg on slashdot

The last drop of 90s Arcade Competitive Spirit that I know of is The Downtown Crossing Gamestop: Street Fighter 4 and Smash Brothers.
Near Faneuil Hall, an excellent faux-statue bellydancer

Ariana drew the sailboat, I colored, then added the skull and crossbones at Jose's request: