pretty colour invader rally 3d

July 17, 2010
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pcir3d2 - source - built with processing
Pretty Colour Invader Rally 3D! Inspired by Amber's liking of pretty colour crackdown Glorious Trainwreck's Klik of the Month Club #37 - the event's 3rd anniversary! Like most 3D updates, it might not be as good as the original, but I'm not displeased with how it came out. Move the mouse to have them follow the cursor and rally around their love of pretty colours or just let 'em hang out.

UPDATE: this is actually Pretty Colour Invader Rally 3D *2*... changes are: invaders now stay upright, move a little differently, have outlines, and the (remodeled) chase cursor moves X+Y when you just move the mouse, and X+Z when you hold the mouse button down as well. You can see the original here -- would be interested if anyone (besides Amber who I consulted with on this) cares enough to say which they prefer.
Inception: Eternal Sunshine meets Oceans Eleven with a touch of the first Matrix... not bad!
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