we can sort it out

August 20, 2010
Making the rounds (JZ sent me a link but I think I saw a reference to it somewhere) is this eye and ear and mind candy for computer geeks: what different sorting algorithms (routines for ordering giant bunches of numbers) sound like... Not sure why Heap Sort gets its own, but here it is:
A bit more of a writeup at the geek.com article. So the sound is cool, but I admit I'm getting more information from the visual part-- it's the sound that makes it compelling, though...
http://gizmodo.com/5617755/ultraviolet-light-reveals-how-ancient-greek-statues-really-looked "The color? Always something tacky."
http://howbigreally.com/ - kind of a neat webapp to overlay big structures historical and present over a map of your zipcode.
The other night Alewife there was a guy with a Decepticon symbol on one calf, Autobot on the other. C'mon dude, pick a side!