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September 5, 2010

--Interesting refutation of some widely held beliefs -- I'm a crappy artist and tend to think in icons, so I'm impressed by any kind of ability to generalize facial structure in a meaningful way. (Though it makes me wonder... do northeast Asians look more like *western* animated characters, too, by nature of a flatter facial structure?)
"My hard nose, glass jaw, and soft heart."
--Test Text for the typeface Warnock, via http://imprint.printmag.com/type/ten-typefaces-of-the-decade/ 
If that One World Gov't the rightwingers are uptight about would mean no region-locked DVDs and games, I say- BRING IT ON! UN Uber Alles!
Apple synching kind of sucks. iTunes: some things live on iPhone, some things live on iPad. Leave the apps the hell alone.