lg10: the people

September 14, 2010
This weekend Amber and I joined good ol "what happened to my sidebar" Dylan and a crew of people up at his family's cabins on Lake George, NY...

Dylan and his man Dan

Amber and Me, ready to row.

Amber kayaking. Much easier than rowboating!

I think this is Dan's friend Stacie waving. Or drowning. Probably waving.

We went Apple Picking. No further comment on this photo.

Amber offering up a shiny apple!

Food prep was very important.
I think this is Stacy and Adam ready to grill up some corn...

...and Dylan later watched over the meat.

There was also a firepit. So primeval. We made smores.

http://www.thesandwichfair.com/ -Amber wants to go to the 3-day "Sandwich Fair" I was psyched, but it turns out Sandwich is a place name :-(