comin' rougher

December 20, 2010

--I think the DREAM act is a good idea.

Reminds me of being in Cleveland and that truck with two Irish flag decals then an American flag sticker with "No Vacancy" over it.

With latest flash mob video, wanted to hear Alan Sherman's "Hal+Lulu Chorus"- couldn't find it. 'Cause duh, he did "Harvey+Sheila"/Hava Nagila. Both very cheesy but fun songs.

Played "Pac-Man Party". Is it so hard for party game devs to get "Time watching boardgame BS to playing minigames" ratio right?
Some games offer minigame only modes, but too often it's as joyless as "select your next game off this menu".
The first Mario Party got it just right with its minigame stadium; just enough boardgame randomness to give excuses- haven't seen that since.
Party Games have so much potential- a great way to do retrogaming but w/ prettier graphics and more 4 player action than back then. Sigh.
Of course it's a bit moot, my core gaming buddy group dispersed to the winds. Double Sigh.

And that's where spirituality really lost its way. When it became a stick to beat people with. "Do this or you'll burn in hell."

You won't burn in hell. But be nice anyway.
A kindly written bit of Atheism 101. -- nice gallery of old company holiday party photos
Geared up for my first snow bike commute. And by geared up I mean I brought the new gloves Amber gave me as an early Xmas gift.