the endless city

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source - built with processing

One final miniproject based on sredavni -- we came up with a cute little city generator, and this applet just scrolls it forever.

This applet has a secret though - each piece also has a destroyed version, so if you press the mouse, you see the alternate-reality, post-apocalyptic view of the city.

Again, I think the city pieces are mostly the work of Kelly Atwood.

Really, sex and laughter do go very well together and I wondered-- and I still do-- which is more important.
Hermione Gingold Norman Rockwell, The Photographer -- Michael Jackson's Stuff. Not as appealing as the old shots of his arcade, but still.
Cracked pointed me to info on Octave Chanute - besides being an information sharing aviation pioneer, he has a totally awesome name. - it's fellatio.
Snow moval is a much more accurate term than snow removal. #justpushingitaround #SnOMG