o jack

February 9, 2011

--from If we don't, remember me., a rather brilliant tumblr full of these finely crafted, high-def, minimalist animated GIFs, each sculpted from a still or scene of some great cult classic film, and each accompanied by a well-chosen quote from the same film. (via my buddy johnksawers)
The explanation for beer as treasure, woman-are-obstacle theme of beer ads? It's really aimed at 16 year old boys sneaking brewskis and dodging mom...
Man. The new Gizmodo/Gaker(?) UI is so bad. It might make some kind of sense on an iPad, but for anything with a scroll bar, it stinks.
You know, that great + kind of important Chrysler/Detroit Eminem ad had its legs chopped by that oh-so-meta-and-ironic iced tea puppet spot.
Sea-Monkeys mail-clerk appreciate odor-free letters because they waste less time shooing the bees and process the mail faster.
-- annoying that the Sea-Monkeys ordering is still 60s-era...
http://www.sea-monkey.com/pop_images/smfarm/smfarm.html - I really wish I knew why "the first story ever about the Sea-Monkeys Farm" book is called "The Reluctant Raccoon"- not sure if it's worth $18 to find out...
4:20! Time to make a joke about marijuana.