February 10, 2011

Moved to a Processing.js version

boxcloud - source - built with processing

Another work-in-progress prototype for work; in this case it's trying to make an interesting "tag cloud" like display for careers kids might want to consider. Press space to do up another random batch.

I need to find out if text can be reliably rotated via CSS, and in general I might need to scale my font so everything fits, but I'm pleased I got the basic effect I was looking for after a few dead-ends, algorithm wise. (this kind of stacking/tiling ain't as easy as it looks!)
Nice- "signal problems" AND "disabled trains". Some day maybe Park Street green line platform won't be packed. Time to walk! Again.
Looking out at the Hancock building, for a brief instant I think I see a Zeppelin. Must've been a glitch from a different, better time line.
"Sit on a potato pan, Otis" is like my favorite palindrome which makes every elevator ride at work a bit of a treat. Though "Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas" is pretty good too.