six haiku about insomnia

February 12, 2011
one day soon at noon
i'll drink chamomile to prove
how well that shit works

a window pops up!
could it be you, on iChat?
fuck you, McAffee.

ambien you say?
thanks but i'll skip showing up
nude at my super's.

tapes of whale noises
great way to feel dumb for your
tapes of whale noises.

sleep eating, my ass
cigarette butts in mayo
are plain delicious.

try melatonin?
you would be "tried" as a witch
in 1602.

finally sleepy
just drifting off ... PHONE VIBRATES!
oh cool, a groupon.
She's also the best Twitterer ever.
Cold Pad Thai = Asian Kugel. SO GOOD.
Wha...? "Murder" ???? I was trying to dial "N" for "Nachos!"

Bob Slate Stationaryis closing. Damn it Cambridge, why can't we have nice things?

valentine's blender of love!