the laws of time and space do not apply

April 12, 2011

via boingboung where they say
Clement Valla collects Google satellite photos where the image-processing software went a little wonky and created the illusion of wiggly-wobbly landscapes. It's inceptiontastic!
Cool stuff... reminds me a bit of the work of Guy Billout
Want To Live To 100? Try To Bounce Back From Stress : NPR
When it comes to the care of the body, our scientists search for longevity amd not for euphoria. If experimenting on chocolate cake, our scientists will study how quickly it kills you, not whether the pleasure is worth it.
Jennifer Michael Hecht, "The Happiness Myth"

Interesting. Based on trailers, it looks like Tag: The Power of Paint is to Portal 2 what Narbacular Drop was to the original Portal.