the pitch

April 13, 2011

(Tim Lincecum Pitching Mechanics in Slow Motion, via).

Baseball pitching is at the far end of human capability. Here is a neat piece on how some perceptual illusions help our selection of what to throw. (Also, like dogs, monkeys are foolable by pretending to throw, which the researchers take to mean they have ideas about the kinetic and mechanical aspects of the activity, even if they're not so good at it themselves.)
Dig the shytergy of copy and paste from Eclipse to Outlook- blue highlight background is included, so blue text is 100% camouflaged. DUH!
That's one of those theist defenses I never got. I'M arrogant? You just asked the creator of the universe to help you win a football game.
(for Ask an Atheist day, on the accusations of hubris)