June 14, 2011
Another week's worth of my entries in Miller's 30 Day Drawing Challenge:Superheroes. (Not too late to join in!)
Power corrupts: this is not a metaphor. And writers were instantly corrupted by the mad power of choice.
Martin Amis, The Pregnant Widow. This is why I have trouble writing.

The muscular little charcoal birds, thirteen of them, were working, climbing, far above the mountaintops. Nearer the ground, the yellow canarini (they were actually much bigger than canaries) gave a sudden unanimous cackle. They weren't laughing at him, he realised, or not at him in particular. They were laughing at human beings. What was it about us that they found so funny?
We're birds! they were saying. And we fly! All day we do what you do in your dreams. We fly!
Martin Amis "The Pregnant Widow"

If you don't have time to drink 8 glasses of water a day, at least leave your mouth open during rain storms.

Is it Penny Arcade's mention of "El Shaddai" or the "lord of lords" idea leading to Duke Nuke'em "Hail to the King" ads on the Amy Grant song video?
Margaritas taste a whole lot better when you're not pregnant.