mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cat toys...

June 15, 2011

Internet Explorer is the most chav of all the browsers.
revelation in a dream last night

Kindness now interests me more than intelligence. Knowledge and cleverness have their allure. But a supple heart is worth far more than a quick and educated mind.
Marta Flanagan - "Studies show placebos are twice as effective as they were 25 years ago."
Man, 28 Great Movies From the Perspective of Minor Characters really resonated with me...
Kids: God's little awkward moments machines.
Linda on Better Off Ted

Yeah, "Better Off Ted"'s Veridian Dynamics + Portia de Rossi really holds its own against Portal's Aperture Science and GLaDOS... now I really wanna see more of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.
CONGRATS BRUINS! (self-deprecating thought, all the Boston fans going, wait, what about the fourth quarter?) Yay Boston Sports!
Man, Chara is 6'9"?? When he picked up the Stanley Cup from that official guy it looked like an optical illusion.