convo of the moment

L: have you ever asked siri about abe lincoln?
L: i hope she responded in a similar way
L: hahahahaha
kirk: that is kind of awesome
kirk: what a world we live in
kirk: anywhere i go
kirk: i can ask for pictures of boobs and get them
kirk: crazy!
L: hhahahaa
L: even when you aren't asking for them!
kirk: oh right... times when I'm NOT asking for them, those times
L: hahahaa
On French Parenting. They seem to have the knack for cultivating delayed gratification and patience. Wish I had that.
Screw software patents. Maybe hardware ones too. They're supposed to help innovation? Really?
You know it IS pretty weird for SO many people, yours truly included, to tie their equanimity with the fate of sports teams.