tiger tiger burning bright

From that Quora What's Your Favorite Parable? page:
Alice and Bob were walking in the woods when a snarling tiger jumped out in front of them.

Alice bent down and starting changing into running shoes.

"Why are you doing that?" asked Bob. "You can't outrun a tiger."

"I don't have to out..." said Alice before the tiger sank its razor-sharp death teeth into the soft flesh around her jugular. It takes at least a minute to change shoes, and the tiger was only, oh, let's say 20 meters away to begin with.

Then the tiger killed Bob, too. Not because it was hungry. Just because it lived for the moment when it saw the life go out of its victims' eyes.

Moral: Tigers are nature's perfect killing machine. By the time you see one, it's already too late.

--Mark Eichenlaub, graduate student in physics
atheists in hiding in America. People don't want to know that you don't have to take things on faith.
It's an atheist straw man argument to say having faith means you have to accept any horrible things done for faith, but you do have to admit something judges horribleness, and that something needs to stand outside and ultimately have precedence over faith. Which would be blasphemy.
Over a year later and this nearly jokeless cartoon of Einstein thinking "What the Fart?" still amuses me.
http://debbiespenditnow.com -- most obnoxious political attack page, most fun scrolling up and down HTML5!
I'd like to believe that I'd know and love "Sam & Dave" even if they weren't what the Blues Brothers had on their car's 8-track.