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dinobeeboxer - source - built with processing

The finest dinosaur boxing bees simulator IN THE WORLD.

Or maybe just the first.

It made it into this (slightly NSFW) video Small Compilation of Pirate Kart V Games.

Also, one of my fellow Jammers Darius ported it (sans sound, and running kinda slow) to Processing.js -- see it on jsfiddle here.

Probably my second favorite creation this go round... if I do a sequel, the bees will probably be stinging you, not just trying to get past.
I love how this is a bit of a "lost day" on the retrospect feature of my site, that 3/4 of the time, you skip right past 2/29 if you're going forward from 2/28, and miss the 3 or so entries there.
Am I a hack engineer if I think simplicity trumps flexibility? A hack UI guy if I say tables make better grid layouts than floating divs?