October 18, 2012

Tomorrow starting at 7PM I'll be hosting 24 Hour Comics Day (make a comic in 24 hours straight) 2 friends signed up, possibly room for more-
The illogic of religions is not a weakness in them but their essential strength. Acceptance of the bizarre creation myths binds the members together.
E.O. Wilson
I think even the scientific theories of the origin of the Universe and life on Earth are bizarre as well since it describes events so far outside everyday human existence, but the idea of "weirdness is strength" intrigues me.
E.O. Wilson again:
Flannery O'Conner asked, correctly, for all of us, literary authors and scientists, "How can I know what I mean until I see what I say?" The novelist says, "Does that work?", and the scientists says, Could that possibly be true?"
I think maybe my block as a storywriter comes from asking a variation of the scientist's question: "could this possibly represent a self-consistent alternate reality? In my universe, did these events 'really' happen?"