from nicholson baker's review of "the historical dictionary of american slang"

I'm reading a book of Nicholson Baker's essay, and in his review of "The Historical Dictonary of American Slang" he says he spent several hours assembling the following matrix:
You bag! ball! bomb! wad! wipe! loaf!
cheese- x ? ? ?
corn- x ? ?
dirt- x x x
grease- x
hose- x x ?
jiz- x x x ?
scum- x x x ?
scuzz- x x x ?
sleaze- x x x x
slime- x x
I wonder if he left out some prefixes and postfixes, such as "dork-" and "monkey!", still it was an entertaining table to parse.
You know, when you go upstairs to poop that's some Next Level Shit

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